Round off to nearest whole number:  333
Round off to neaest whole number:  56

Here is the PROGRESSIVE 1-2-3 FORMULA at work on the number 279:

St. Augustine of Hippo died on 28 August 430 and the 3-day "0" power challenge began on 28-8-2002.

Round off to nearest whole number:  637
Round off to nearest whole number:  203
Round off to nearest whole number:  65


135 is significantly established in the creation of DIMENSION ZERO:

The 279 Power behind the WORD

Created 6-4-2018

The Foundation of the 3-day "0" Power Challenge
Created 15-3-2018



Queen Elizabeth II attained the age of 77 in 2003 - see Zero Redemption 666 and for 39 see Redemption 911, 3939 in Reference Compilation 222 and Resolution 39 in the image properties of the Chart of Kings 1002.

For the significance of 116:

116 and 248 are components of the adoption of The Scorpio Twins Elect November 6 (USADP=m/d) and 24 August (24/8) the date of our beloved parents' application:

There are 42 days remaining until the end of the year from 19 November:

Significant Evidence in Support of My Truth
Created 24-6-2017

and lo and behold 1945 is the outcome thus far: 

83 contains the day and month (UKDP) of 8 March which is International Women's Day:


8-3-2014 was the date that Flight MH370 went missing with 239 souls on board:


I Am The Witness of God's Knowledge and I am Woman and my baptism date establishes 2014:

128 is the basic calculated outcome of the UK date protocol of 10-6-1921, the birth date of HRH Prince Philip:

1823 is the challenge of 100 MORE than 1923 which was the year of the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar by Greece:

Furthermore, 12-8-2012 was the date of the closing ceremony of the XXX Olympiad in London:

1951-1921=30 and XXX is the Roman Numeral for 30.

There is great Truth in 3542:


Here is the completed outcome:

Round off to nearest whole number:  3551
Round off to nearest whole number:  591 (591 when reversed establishes 195 - see the 71st birthday of John Winston Howard and the two additional events on 26-7-2010 in 249 and Man's corrupt 'Blame Game')
Round off to nearest whole number: 99 (Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch on 9-9-2015)

Stephen Hawking died on Pi Day 3-14-2018 and this brilliant man inspired me to add Pi to my calculations:

Round off to nearest whole number:  6782
Round off to nearest whole number:  2159
Round off to nearest whole number:  687
Round off to nearest whole number:  219
Round off to nearest whole number:  70

We are in the year 2018:

The Significant Birth Year of Prince Charles 1948 in Words 179 109 and 288 (inter-alia)
Created 8-4-2018


I received The Holy Spirit at a baptism by immersion on 26-7-1981, at which time I also received the miraculous healing of my crippled left hand (Dupuytren's contracture):

I created and established The Covenant of Truth on 26-11-2001, 76 days after the destruction of The Twin Towers on 9-11-2001:

The Holy Spirit was activated on Good Friday 29-3-2002, which saved my life:

My twin brother and I attained the age of 57 on 19-11-2001 which date ws established as World Toilet Day:

19 November is also usually International Men's Day:

International Men's Day 31 August 2018 Exposes 218 and 19-11-1944
Created 1-3-2018

The Scorpio Twins Elect have 293 established in the Columns:- No. of our birth certificates:

Significant Evidence in Support of My Truth
Created 24-6-2017


29 August is commemorated as the date of the beheading of John The Baptist and here's the bookmark for 242 #2421582reporteddateofsigningofpapalbullintroducingthegregoriancalendar:


Here is the significance of 337:

Zero Redemption 666

and my three registered business names establish 2020 and here's the bookmark #mythreeregisteredbusinessnames2020.

The challenge of 97 is embeded in the Gregorian Calendar details #2421582reporteddateofsigningofpapalbullintroducingthegregoriancalendar and it is the outcome of the basic birth date calculation of Queen Elizabeth II:

Round off to nearest whole number:  78

Exploring and Discovering the Uniqueness of 1981
Created 9-4-2018


Round off to nearest whole number:  148

Foundation of CERN 29-9-1954

The Scorpio Twins Elect have 1000:


Quatrain 9,11

Le iuste mort tort mort l'on viendra mettre
Publiquement du lieu esteint:
Si grande peste en ce lieu viendra naistre,
Que les iugeans fuyr seront contraints.

Wrongly will they come to put the just one to death,
In public and in the middle extinguished:
So great a pestilence will come to arise in this place,
That the judges will be forced to flee.

Queen Elizabeth II attained the age of 91 on 21-4-2017 and HRH Prince Phiilip attained the age of 91 on 10-6-2012.

*89 is the outcome of 279 divided by the pi ratio 3.1415926535:
Round off to nearest whole number:  89

911 and 912 is the USADP=m/d of the Terrorist Attack in 2001 and the day thereafter - i.e. 2 days and two days is 48 hours and 48 is the triple challenge of Pi which is the 16th letter in the Greek Alphabet:

   226 My six significant dates establishing my experience of our amazing Creator's protective blessing
1000 Conjoined outcome of the birth date numbers of The Scorpio Twins Elect, of which I am the youngest, with the task of calculating 666 and the related challenges

There are 226 in the Australian Parliament:

But the significance of 226 goes beyond that because 1226 and 204 is established within the USADP=m/d of the date of my receipt of The Holy Spirit in 1981:

and this has been estabished as the countdown of 1000 years:

Round off to nearest whole number: 69

69 is the current age of Prince Charles attained on 14-11-2017:


Calculated Control Factor 325
Created 28-3-2017

Here are the five dates and two years:

1)  29-3-1002 :  1000 year count-down begins
2)  29-3-2002 :  Release of Positive and Negative High Intelligent
Communicating Energy power forces into our world on Good Friday
3)  28-8-2002 :  First day of the "0" power challenge
4)  29-8-2002 :  Second day of the "0" power challenge
5)  30-8-2002 :  Third day of the "0" power challenge