Princess Diana birth date establishes the progressive outcome not only of 392 but 3634, there being four planes establishing the foundation upon which WTC7's collapse established the outcome of 363 (see down the page a litle bit further).

392 is the Columns:- No. of our birth mother's birth certificate:

3634 contains the hidden challenge of 9-11-2001:

Queen Victoria's birth date establishes 236 in the first column and that is the basic calculated outcome of the date of my receipt of The Holy Spirit on 26-7-1981 at which the blessing and the water healed my crippled left hand (Dupuytren's contracture):

See 5 Days The Centre of Mass 236 the greatest poverty of humanity is silence because it is complicity which is why I have been publishing that which is revealed by Divine Grace.

Jesus Christ 253 74 132 and 283

To which I will now add 6-26-2018 and please note that 2005 was the year that Pope John Paul II died on 2-4-2005, Pope Benedict XVI was inaugurated on 24-4-2005 and the London Terrorist attack took place on 7-7-2005 fifty-eight years after The Roswell Incident and Prince Charles attained the age of 58, forty-six days before the execution of Saddam Hussein:

9-11-2001 - It's Loaded from Top to Bottom!
Created 27-2-2018

The title Duke of Edinburgh was created in 1726:

Round off to nearest whole number:  288

The 3-day "0" power challenge began on 28-8-2002 (UKDP=d/m) 8-28-2002 (USADP=m/d):

The Foundation of the 3-day "0" Power Challenge
Created 15-3-2018

Here are the Gregorian Calendar Codes:

Queen Elizabeth II was born at 2:40 a.m. on 21-4-1926:

Also see the significance of 28 August 1749 in 154 Established.

The calculated outcome of the birth date of Queen Elizabeth II is 94 in 8 British Royal Destinies - Foundation 299 and here are the Twin Primes of which 338 is a calculated component:

N.B.  Prince Philip attained the age of 94 on 10-6-2015 and 94 is the outcome of the birth date calculations of Queen Elizabeth II - see 8 British Royal Destinies Foundation 299.

Here are the symbolic "0" calculations of The Twin Primes:

Round off to nearest whole number:   122


122+122=244 (244 is a component of the letter value calculations of Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon - see Discovering The Three-tiered Creation of 1002 With Inextricable Templar Connections)

Round off to nearest whole number:  56

The Scorpio Twins Elect attained the age of 56 on 19-11-2000 and here is my copy birth certificate:


Round off to nearest whole number:  333

Here is the PROGRESSIVE 1-2-3 FORMULA at work on the number 279:

The Foundation of the 3-day "0" Power Challenge
Created 15-3-2018