1978 was The Year of Three Popes and here is the link to brilliant article:



On Sunday 28-4-2002 a huge Jeep Cherokee came out of a side-street and wrote off my car:

I rang Juergen after the accident and identified the date as important and Juergen said (and I quote), Angela I don't want anything to happen to you but I can't have anything more to do with you because of who you are."  This was my older brother, and I hadn't a clue what he meant and wondered, as most of us would, whether I'd done or said something to upset him.  Always on The Other Side now makes great sense because The Holy Spirit was activated on Good Friday 29-3-2002:

   3 days from Good Friday 29-3-2002 to 31-3-2002
28 days from 1-4-2002 to 28-4-2002

28-4-2002 was the 65th birthday of Saddam Hussein:

261 - The Good The Bad and The Ugly
Created 22-12-2017

What I mean by ugly is the collaborative global challenges locked within specific dates such as the birth date of HRH Prince Philip:

1937 is the year of the birth not only of Saddam Hussein but of the former Governor-General of Australia who was sworn in on


Major General Michael Jeffery was sworn in on 1-11-2003 and Queen Elizabeth II was born on the 111st day of the non-leap year 1926, Australia's Monarch:

The Great Prostitute establishes component 1212 with outcome 279
Created 23-3-2018


Here is the completed outcome:

Round off to nearest whole number:  4222
Round off to nearest whole number:  704
Round off to nearest whole number:  117

Stephen Hawking died on Pi Day 3-14-2018 and this brilliant man inspired me to add Pi to my calculations:

Round off to nearest whole number:  8064
Round off to nearest whole number:  2567
Round off to nearest whole number:  817
Round off to nearest whole number:  260
Round off to nearest whole number:  83

CC=33 English Alphabet letter values

I received The Holy Spirit at a baptism by immersion on 26 July 1981:


British Royal Soul Destinies define purpose and actions are time-related
Created 27-3-2018