(THS)=The Communicating Holy Spirit and I am woman, The Witness of God's Knowledge.  The General Audience Address was given 24 hours BEFORE I received notification of my registrtion date on 19/12/2013.

How do we access redemption with Jesus Christ locked into the British Royal bloodline and multi-layered controls?

Chart of Kings 1002

5 Identical 249 Outcomes 47 Years Apart with DofE Protection


The title Duke of Edinburgh was created on 26-7-1726:

The "God" Switcheroo Attempt 1726 Misfires with The Human Soul 206 and 1726 Established Within 7 Powerful Covenants of Truth

324, 325 and 41 are in the date of the wedding of Princess Elizabeth II and Prince Philip:

UKDP=day/month 2011
USADP=month/day 1120
Day of Year 324
Day in Leap Year 325
Days Remaining to end of Year 41

Round off to nearest whole number: 637
Round off to nearest whole number:  106 (see Significant Challenges 214 and 8 Key Royal Destinies)

President John F. Kennedy Assassinated 22-11-1963 Establishes 242 240 and 265

And 283 is a component of the powerful name of Jesus Christ:

Jesus Christ 253 74 132 and 283


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Eugenics is the "applied science or the biosocial movement which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population," usually referring to human populations.[2] Eugenics was widely popular in the early decades of the 20th century,[3] but by the late 20th century it had fallen into disfavor, having become associated with Nazi Germany.[citation needed] Both the public and some elements of the scientific community have associated eugenics with Nazi abuses, such as enforced racial hygiene, human experimentation, and the extermination of "undesired" population groups. However, developments in genetic, genomic, and reproductive technologies at the end of the 20th century have raised many new questions and concerns about the meaning of eugenics and its ethical and moral status in the modern era, effectively creating a resurgence of interest in eugenics.[citation needed]

  1. Anatomy
  2. Biology
  3. Physiology
  4. Psychology
  5. Mental Testing
  6. Anthropometry
  7. Genetics
  8. History
  9. Geology
  10. Archaeology
  11. Anthropology
  12. Ethnology
  13. Geography
  14. Law
  15. Statistics
  16. Politics
  17. Economics
  18. Biography
  19. Genealogy
  20. Sociology
  21. Education
  22. Religion
  23. Psychiatry
  24. Surgery
  25. Medicine

Here are the numbers 1 to 25:

God had promised King David (Psalm 89) that his throne would be established for ever, and that a descendant of his would always sit on it. A chart in the College of Heralds, London, shows the genealogy of the present monarch back to David. Elizabeth the Second is the 144th descendant direct in line from King David. The prophet Ezekiel prophesied that God would overturn the throne three times, and thus it was: From Jerusalem to Ireland, Ireland to Scotland, and Scotland to England. The Stone of Destiny, which is in the base of the actual throne today, provides a further link with the Bible, being identified with Jacob, the father of the Israelites. The official Westminster Abbey guide refers to this Stone as the stone upon which Jacob laid his head when he had the famous dream of a ladder reaching to Heaven (Genesis 28).   
Source: (link no longer accessible
Add the highlighted numbers:

I received The Holy Spirit at a baptism by immersion on 26-7-1981:

John Howard was born 213 years after the creation of the title Duke of Edinburgh on 26-7-1726-26-7-1939=213


Quatrain 2,13
Le corps sans ame plus n'estre en sacrifice,
Iour de la mort mis en natiuit:
L'esprit diuin fera l'ame felice,
Voiant le verbe en son eternit.

The body without soul no longer to be sacrificed:
Day of death put for birthday:
The divine spirit will make the soul happy,
Seeing the word in its eternity.

Where was John Howard on 9-11-2001?  The answer to that is Washington D.C.:

John Howard's Government had instituted the Gene Technology Act 2000 which came into effect on 21-6-2001 (they are very obvious, not in the slight bit subtle):

Gene Technology Act 2000 came into effect 21-6-2001
Created 28-12-2017

154 Established

Introducing the new millennium.

The Scorpio Twins Elect have 354:

Significant Evidence in Support of My Truth
Created 24-6-2017

I ask again:  How do we access redemption with Jesus Christ locked into the British Royal bloodline and multi-layered controls including blood-sacrifice-redemption?

Our Creator is protecting Jesus Christ through communicating what has been set up as the Eternal Throne and more:

Much ado about Nothing
Created 11-2-2018

Re-assess (re-deem) Re-evaluate Elizabeth Regina's Soul-less World

Created 11-2-2018
To "deem" means to consider, judge, rate, find, esteem