Here is the first outcome:

The 323rd day of the Gregorian Calendar Codes is 19 November which, in 1947, was the date of the creation of the fourth title Duke of Edinburgh:

HRH Prince Philip has the challenge of 646 with 323x2 therein:

1937 was the year of the birth of Saddam Hussein on 28-4-1937:

Global Kingdom-building on Science, Technology and Society
Created 15-2-2018

and here is The Balance of 323:

There is another significant link which is established in the power of Augut 28 and the 3-day "0" power challenge locking in The Balance of 513:


Here is the second outcome:

HRH Prince Philip is not an alien and his birth date establishes both 204 and 207 in the Gregorian Calendar Codes:

191 is the date of my receipt of The Holy Spirit at a baptism by immersion:

What got me started deciphering 'Jesus Christ walked on water'
Created 6-3-2018

and 191 cm is the reported height of Prince William:

Gene Technology Act 2000 came into effect 21-6-2001
Created 28-12-2017

See 323 in:

The Redemption Purpose of 'Jesus Christ walked on water'
Created 6-3-2018

as well as:

International Men's Day 31 August 2018 Exposes 218 and 19-11-1944
Created 1-3-2018

What's Happened to International Men's Day?
Created 26-2-2018

For 143 see:

Foundation of CERN 29-9-1954


Welcome to The Last Supper (I mean throw another shrimp on the barbie)
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Do you think I'm any different from any of you? Nope! And I just feel the need to keep and share my sense of humour
to show you that there is a normal reality possible out of all of this.

Here is the third outcome:

Here is the completed outcome:


My twin brother and I were applied for adoption by our beloved parents on 24 August 1945 which was granted on 6 November 1945:

Significant Evidence in Support of My Truth
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6 November 2012 was the date of the American presidential election:

Another significant way of looking at 3666 is 666÷6=111

3 x 111=333

Here is the PROGRESSIVE 1-2-3 FORMULA at work on the number 279:

Deciphering The Evolution Challenge of 300
Created 13-4-2017