624 has great potential when interpreted as the USADP of June 24 because it is the date of the foundation of the Premier Grand Lodge of England in 1717:

Father and Son - HRH Prince Philip born on the 161st day of 1921:

and Prince Charles born 14-11-1948:

319 has great potential when interpreted as the USADP=m/d of March 19, the UKDP=d/m equivalent of which is written as 19 March (19/3) and here is the significance of 193:


Round off to nearest whole number:  159


13 ans 12 are the significant components of The Last Supper:

Round off to nearest whole number:  35 (President John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States of America - see the page below, please, thank you.)

For the significance of 211 see:

295 Significantly Established
Created 12-5-2017

The Papal Significance of 164 and 169
Created 16-4-2017

Fossils of 500 million-year-old-worm discovered
Created 24-1-2018

279 is the base total of the birth date of Queen Victoria:

Deciphering The Evolution Challenge of 300
Created 13-4-2017

Round off to nearest whole number:  27

Round off to nearest whole number:  118

Prince Charles born 14-11-1948 and, in 2006, the year of the execution of Saddam Hussein in fulfilment of prophecies there were 46 days:

US Congress deals with government shutdown
Created 21-1-2018

1954: foundations for European science

At the end of the Second World War, European science was no longer the crème de la crème. Following the example of the now mushrooming international organizations, a handful of visionary scientists imagined creating a European atomic physics laboratory. Raoul Dautry, Pierre Auger and Lew Kowarski in France, Edoardo Amaldi in Italy and Niels Bohr in Denmark were among these pioneers. Such a laboratory would not only unite European scientists but also allow them to share the increasing costs of nuclear physics facilities.

French physicist Louis de Broglie put the first official proposal for the creation of a European laboratory forward at the European Cultural Conference in Lausanne in December 1949. A further push came at the fifth UNESCO General Conference, held in Florence in June 1950, where the American Nobel laureate physicist, Isidor Rabi tabled a resolution authorizing UNESCO to "assist and encourage the formation of regional research laboratories in order to increase international scientific collaboration…" At an intergovernmental meeting of UNESCO in Paris in December 1951, the first resolution concerning the establishment of a European Council for Nuclear Research was adopted. Two months later, 11 countries signed an agreement establishing the provisional Council – the acronym CERN was born. At the provisional Council's third session in October 1952, Geneva was chosen as the site of the future Laboratory. This choice was finally ratified in a referendum organized by the Canton of Geneva in June 1953.

The CERN Convention, established in July 1953, was gradually ratified by the 12 founding Member States: Belgium, Denmark, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Yugoslavia. On 29 September 1954, following ratification by France and Germany, the European Organization for Nuclear Research officially came into being. The provisional CERN was dissolved but the acronym remained.

29 September 1988 is the copy date of my birth certificate and see 392 Birth of Dorothy Joan Howell 24-10-1919 as well as Ancient Mommy and Two Mummified Sons Establish Birth Destiny 293 and 392:

The Scorpio Twins Elect born 1944:


1944:  1+9+4+4=18
1944:  1 x 9 x 4 x 4=144

There are significant challenges established in:

154 Established

The Papal Significance of 164 and 169
Created 16-4-2017

Round off to nearest whole number:  23

Here is the calculated outcome:

Round off to nearest whole number:  14

HRH Prince Philip born 1921+85=2006 the year of the execution of Saddam Hussein and 62 is established as follows:

and 62 is also established in the birth date of Queen Elizabeth II in 8 Key Royal Destinies.

Australia Day 26-1-1788 Under Unique Scrutiny
Created 23-1-2018
Linked with 1 Peter 2:4-8 - The Stone that makes them stumble and fall

Here are the No. of Ltr Values+English and Pythagorean Ltr Values establishing the Foundation:

Round off to nearest whole number:  91

For 152 and 91 see Significant Evidence in Support of My Truth and for the significance of my birth date 19 November have a look at this:




19 November 2001 was established as World Toilet Day and it is International Men's Day:

I attained the age of 57 on 19-11-2001:

JFK told the Truth because my receipt of The Holy Spirit was 26-7-1981:

Flight MH370 went missing on Women's Day 8-3-2014:

Here is the final outcome:

I contacted CERN about the communicating High Intelligent Power Source in 2009 - see Search for The God Particle and 105 is the base total of the date identified in that document as well as:

 Prince William 105+Prince Harry124=229
Created 21-10-2016

Here is the PROGRESSIVE 1-2-3 FORMULA at work on the number 279:

Divine Grace has revealed that Col 1 and Col 2 written together as one number creates great Truth:


666 x 666=443556
Round off to nearest whole number:  2054
Round off to nearest whole number:  342


Round off to nearest whole number:  191

191 is the reported height of Prince William: