For 192 see the pentultimate calculated outcome of the date of the death of Queen Victoria in Establishing 1722 and More in 2016 over 48 Hours.

96 is the current age of HRH Prince Philip:

Prince Philip was born in Greece, as Prince of Greece on Thursday 10-6-1921 (Julian Calendar).  Prince Philip was also Prince of Denmark which country operated under the Gregorian Calendar and the date of Thursday was 9-6-1921:

For 50 have a look at:

God's Twin Election is Trust-worthy 302
Created 1-4-2017
302÷2=151 which is the base total of the date of my baptism by immersion at which I received The Holy Spirit
which was activated in a massive storm outside Calvary Hospital, Canberra on Good Friday 29-3-2002.

Round off to nearest whole number:  50

and also see The Great Prostitute 50,

For 288 I've established significant components in:

The Significant Birth Year of Prince Charles 1948 in Words 179 109 and 288 (inter-alia)
Created 8-4-2018

and here are The Twin Primesa which establish 338-component:

N.B.  Prince Philip attained the age of 94 on 10-6-2015 and 94 is the outcome of the birth date calculations of Queen Elizabeth II - see 8 British Royal Destinies Foundation 299.

Here are the symbolic "0" calculations of The Twin Primes:

Round off to nearest whole number:   122


122+122=244 (244 is a component of the letter value calculations of Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon - see Discovering The Three-tiered Creation of 1002 With Inextricable Templar Connections)

202 was for at least 10 years, the death toll of The Bali Bombing:

and this has now changed with the addition of the bombers indicated:

White House 101 used to be a fun page to visit during Barack Obama's first term of office as President of the United States of America:

CERN - Third False Apocalypse Experiment LHC - 30-3-2010
Created 12-12-2016

Decoding the Heavens by Jo Marchant establishes 53 on page 251:

(Quote) But there were some featuresa that didn't make sense. A 53-tooth gear (another prime number)
altered the rotation rate of the 223-tooth gear, only to be exactly cancxelled out by another 53-tooth
gear on the other side. (Unquote)

The UKDP=d/m birth date of Prince Charles establishes 53:

175 as Roman Numerals CLXXV - Established Outcome 341 - base total of Prince Charles' DOB.14-11-1948
Created 17-12-2016
Linked with Chart of Kings 1002 as well as Babylon The Great 175 (now corrected) and Solving The Puzzle of MH370

1009 is the outcome of The Balance of 158:

The title Duke of Edinburgh was created on 26-7-1726:

There are 158 days remaining until the end of the year from the date of the creation of the title Duke of Edinburgh in 1726:

Round off to nearest whole number:  288

See the significance of the possible setup and 288 as the calculated outcome of the birth year as letter values Nineteen Forty-Eight:

The Significant Birth Year of Prince Charles 1948 in Words 179 109 and 288 (inter-alia)
Created 8-4-2018

Queen Elizabeth II was born on the 111st day of the non-leap year 1926 in the Gregorian Calendar Codes:

1112 is significantly present in the date known world-wide as 9/11:

and the Gregorian Calendar Codes also establish 254:

The title Duke of Edinburgh was created for Prince Philip on 19 November 1947:


Here is the significance of 56:

Here is the completed outcome:

Round off to nearest whole number:  501
Round off to nearest whole number:  84

For the full set of calculations come and have a look at 8 Key Royal Destinies.

Stephen Hawking died on Pi Day 3-14-2018 and this brilliant man inspired me to add Pi to my calculations:

Round off to nearest whole number:  957
Round off to nearest whole number:  305
Round off to nearest whole number:  97

I wrote and published a poem about this:


So the next document in this progressive adventure to find Truth, is...

One Hundred Fifty-One in 2003
Created 8-4-2018

One Hundred Eighty-One in 2003
Created 8-4-2018

One Hundred Forty-Seven  - The Planned Stoppage
Created 8-4-2018

Pope Benedict XVI resigned as the Pope of the Catholic Church on 28-2-2013:

The Papal Significance of 164 and 169
Created 16-4-2017

28 February is establihsed in three consecutive years with 365 days:

The Real Significance of 1947 - The 107-connection to 1840 and More!
Created 21-3-2018

1947-365=1582 which is the year of the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar Codes via the Papal Bull reportedly signed on 24-2-1582: