255 years after the date of the creation of the title Duke of Edinburgh, I received The Holy Spirit at a baptism by immersion:


The title Duke of Edinburgh was created 255 years earlier on 26-7-1726:

Round off to nearest whole number:  288

Round off to nearest whole number:  240

The 3-day "0" power challenge began on 28-8-2002 and here are the Gregorian Calendar Codes:

Queen Elizabeth II (Princess Elizabeth II) was born at 2:40 a.m. on 21-4-1926:

Here is the birth date of HRH Prince Philip:


27-7-2012 was the Opening Ceremony of the XXX Olympiad in London:


Here are the numbers 1 to 77 added individually:

Round off to nearest whole number:  102 (see the eternal throne of King David linked inextricably with the countdown of 1000 years which began on 29-3-1002 and 1840 in Chart of Kings 1002 as well as 007 - What's really behind this significant number=1928 and engineered birth 10-6-1921 and 3 World Wars 1914 1939 2001 and 1928 Reveal 98)

609 x 609=370881
Round off to nearest whole number:  61814
Round off to nearest whole number:  10302
10302÷6=1717 (see 179 The Basics - Significantly Expanded Revelations)
Round off to nearest whole number:  286

The Premier Grand Lodge was founded on 24-6-1717:


Quatrain 2,46
Apres grd troche humain plus grand s'appreste
Le grand moteur les siecles renouuelle:
Pluye sang, laict, famine, fer & peste,
Au ciel veu feu, courant longue estincelle.

After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared
The Great Mover renews the ages:
Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague,
In the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.

For the significance of 1948 see:

Deciphering The Evolution Challenge of 300
Created 13-4-2017

14-11-1948 is the birth date of Prince Charles:

1411 is also established in the Bush Speech about the New World Order on 9-11-2001:

(Quote)Certain that we stand at a defining hour.  Half way around the world we are engaged in a great struggle in the skies and on the seas and sands. We know why we're there.  We are Americans.  Part of something larger than ourselves. For two centuries we've done the hard work of freedom and tonight we lead the world in facing down a threat to decency and humanity. What is at stake is more than one small country. It is a big idea. A New World Order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind - peace, and security, freedom and the rule of law. Such is a world worthy of our struggle and worthy of our children's future.(Unquote)


227 239 and 265 - The Basics

President John F. Kennedy Assassinated 22-11-1963 Establishes 242 240 and 265
Created 11-12-2016

161 establishes the day of the birth of HRH Prince Philip in the Gregorian Calendar Codes of the non-leap year 1921:

Here are the Gregorian Calendar Codes:

This is where it gets interesting because HRH Prince Philip was born in Greece which operated under the Julian Calendar.  The Gregorian Calendar wasn't adopted until February 1923:


The challenge of 15 days, when broken down into seconds, minutes, hours and days, reveals 1000:

60 seconds in 1 minute
60 minutes in 1 hour
24 hours in 1 day

60 x 60 x 24=86400
86400 x 15=1296000

15 February is written in numbers as 15/2 and 152 is the calculated outcome of 9/11:

Round off to nearest whole number:  152

911 is established in the Duke of Edinburgh's emblem:

9 hearts over 11 and 3 lions establishes 911 x 3:

For the significance of 2013 and the inextricable link with 279 see 47 - The Main Components:


The title Duke of Edinburgh was created on 26-7-1726 and 287 has great potential when interpreted as the day and month of 28-7-1726 which establishes 48 hours which is the challenge of Pi x 3:

2 days=48 hours.

The '0' Dimension
Created 10-10-2017

What creates 43 are the English Alphabet letter values of DC (as in Washington where John Howard was on 9/11):


Round off to nearest whole number:  295

29-5-1917 was the birth date of President John F. Kennedy:

The year of his assassination was 1963:

237 has great potential when the number(s) is interpreted as the day and month (UK date protocol) of 23 July (23/7), the USADP=m/d equivalent of which is written as July 23 (7/23).  Now reverse 723 and what is established is 327 which is the calculated outcome of the USADP=m/d of 8-28-2002, the date that began the 3-day "0" power challenge:

1st Higgs' Theory Paper - Physics Letters 15-9-1964
Created 30-6-2017

2nd Higgs' Theory Paper published 19-10-1964
Created 30-6-2017

Round off to nearest whole number:  40

The significance of 71 is established in the Nostradamus Quatrain:


Quatrain 7,1
L'arc du thresor par Achilles deceu,
Aux procres sceu la quadrangulaire:
Au faict Royal le comment sera sceu,
Cors veu pendu au veu du populaire.

The arc of the treasure deceived by Achilles,
the quadrangule known to the procreators.
The invention will be known by the Royal deed;
a corpse seen hanging in the sight of the populace.

254 Protected by Fulfillment of Quatrain 7,1 on 364th day of 2006
Created 21-1-2017

There are 254 days remaining until the end of the year from 21 April in the Gregorian Calendar Codes:

212 is the base total of Queen Elizabeth II's birth date calculation:


Quatrain 2,12
Yeux clos ouuerts d'antique fantasie,
L'habit des seuls seront mis neant:
Le grand monarque chastiera leur frenaisie,
Ravir des temples le thresor par deuant.

Eyes closed, opened by antique fantasy,
The garb of the monks they will be put to naught:
The great monarch will chastise their frenzy,
Ravishing the treasure in front of the temples.

Quatrain 2,13
Le corps sans ame plus n'estre en sacrifice,
Iour de la mort mis en natiuit:
L'esprit diuin fera l'ame felice,
Voiant le verbe en son eternit.

The body without soul no longer to be sacrificed:
Day of death put for birthday:
The divine spirit will make the soul happy,
Seeing the word in its eternity.

Quatrain 2,14
A Tours, Gien, gard seront yeux penetrans,
Descouuriront de loing la grand sereine:
Elle & sa suitte au port seront entrans,
Combat, poussez, puissance souueraine.

At Tours, Gien, guarded, eyes will be searching,
Discovering from afar her serene Highness:
She and her suite will enter the port,
Combat, thrust, sovereign power.

A dismal decade in Aust Politics: ex-leaders
Created 25-11-2017