Round off to nearest whole number:  90


Round off to nearest whole number:  130 (see Significant Challenges 214 as well as 5 Days Reveal 323)

Round off to nearest whole number:  68 (The 1st Anniversary of the Paris Attack 13-11-2016 marked the final day in the 68th year of Prince Charles - see 354 below)

The basic birth date calculation of Queen Elizabeth II has the outcome of 97 - see 8 British Royal Destinies 180 143 52 and 63)

4-10-1912 (USADP=m/d) is the date that the Titanic left Southampton on her maiden voyage to New York:

372÷6=62 (for 62 see below)

For 267 (26-7-1726 being the date of the creation of the title Duke of Edinburgh) see:

Strong earthquake hits Indonesia's Java, at least one casualty
Created 18-12-2017

For 105 see Prince William 105+Prince Harry124=229 as well as the base total of 10-9-2009 first anniversary of the first false apocalypse by CERN using the LHC for High Energy collisions and 9-10-2009 the date of the the Nobel Committee's announcement that President Barack Obama had won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

Here is the calculated outcome:

Round off to nearest whole number:  43

Bill Clinton was born 19-8-1946:

and for 260 see the base total of the birth date of Barack Obama in 117 Multilayered Combinations.

43 is a significant component of the powerful name of Jesus Christ:

See the containment and control challenges:

The "God" Switcheroo Attempt 1726 Misfires with The Human Soul 206 and 1726 Established Within 7 Powerful Covenants of Truth
Created 20-5-2016

Here are the links to main challenges below:

June 6 (6/6) and if you've seen the movie National Treasure - Book of Secrets you may remember that 1876 was the numerical code that opened The Twin Resolute Desk at Buckingham Palace (although I've read in recent days that it's at Windsor)

Goethe's Seal 1876 and Resolute Twin desk code in National Treasure - Book of Secrets
Created 8-8-2017

For 299 see 8 British Royal Destinies - Foundation 299 and Foundation of CERN 29-9-1954 as well as the date on my copy birth certificate and marriage certificate in Significant Evidence in Support of My Truth where 88 is also established.

HTTP 404 - Type in Prince Harry 9-15-1984 (USADP)
Created 5-5-2017

Here, again, are the No. of Ltr Values+English and Pythagorean Ltr Values establishing the Foundation:

Round off to nearest whole number:  275

See 8 Key Royal Destinies.

Here is the final outcome:

Man took over the destiny of The Human Soul on 31-8-2002 after the 3-day "0" power challenge:

Four days in 2002:


My registered business name has been renewed until 2020.

Here are the Gregorian Calendar Codes for the date of 19 December (i.e. 19/12 which contains the numbers of the year of the Titanic disaster):

353rd day of the non-leap year, this year and 354 is significantly established as follows: