199 is the base total of the birth date of HRH Prince Philip:

and 199 is signfiicantly established:

Zero Redemption 666

249 and Man's corrupt 'Blame Game'
Created 2-4-2018

Years ago, when I began this great deciphering adventure, I was stuck with trying to visibly reverse numbers that ended in zero until I worked out to change the cell format to text which meant that the now visible number with the zero at the beginning had no number properties so I had remember to type in the calculated outcome and in order to show you why, where and how all this is important, I give you a look at the non-formatted cell which shows 41 which then loses the legitimacy of being the reversed number 410:

211 is significantly established in the USA date protocol calculation of the birth date of HRH Prince Philip:

295 Significantly Established
Created 12-5-2017

223 is identified on page 251 of Decoding the Heavens by Jo Marchant:

223 contains great potential when interpreted as the UKDP=d/m of 22 March 1732 was the date of the death of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and 82 is established further down this page:

154 Established

Round off to nearest whole number:  72

and 434 is a significant component of the date of the publication of the 2nd Higgs' Theory Paper:

2nd Higgs' Theory Paper published 19-10-1964
Created 30-6-2017

For 277 see the day and month of the XXX Olympiad in London 2012 in To The Left and Right of 147.

The countdown of 1000 years established in prophecy:

Round off to nearest whole number: 69

69 is the current age of Prince Charles:

Solving The Puzzle of MH370
Created 1-6-2016

Here is the completed outcome:

Round off to nearest whole number:  71

Here is Nostradamus Quatrain 7,1 (Century 7, Quatrain 1) and please note that there are 71 countries participating in the Commonwealth Games in Queensland:


Quatrain 7,1
L'arc du thresor par Achilles deceu,
Aux procres sceu la quadrangulaire:
Au faict Royal le comment sera sceu,
Cors veu pendu au veu du populaire.

The arc of the treasure deceived by Achilles,
the quadrangule known to the procreators.
The invention will be known by the Royal deed;
a corpse seen hanging in the sight of the populace.

Former PM John Howard has said he was 'embarrassed' that Australia joined the war in Iraq in 2003
Created 5-4-2018

Stephen Hawking died on Pi Day 3-14-2018 and this brilliant man inspired me to add Pi to my calculations:

Round off to nearest whole number:  812 (the reverse of 812 is 218 which is the basic calculated outcome of the birth date of Queen Victoria establishing 1948 - see Deciphering The Evolution Challenge of 300)
Round off to nearest whole number:  258 (see 000 Three Dates 25-8-2002, 26-8-2002 and 27-8-2002)
Round off to nearest whole number:  82

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Reveals 153

153 is the calculated outcome of the date of the ascension of Princess Elizabeth II to the throne on 6-2-1952 in the above document and 211 which is at the beginning of this page and here's the bookmark #199and211 is the base total of the birth date of Prince William:

Gene Technology Act 2000 came into effect 21-6-2001
Created 28-12-2017